About Us

    Our Mission:

    To foster the wellbeing and growth of the Colorado Women of Song, a women's choral group dedicated to
    excellence and to providing quality musical performances for people of all ages.


    We always welcome more singers and if you love to sing, we encourage you to join us. For more information on
    how to do that, please contact our Director, Barbara Johnson, at 970 980-9212.


    Each year our normal singing season runs from late August through April. Although the entire choir does not
    practice or sing during the summer months, a small group,The Sage Singers, meets weekly from late May to
    early August, and prepares a repertoire of pieces to sing at various private events. Everyone is invited to
    participate in The Sage Singers.


    Membership dues are $120 per year, payable in August for the entire singing year. Dues help pay for music,
    director and accompanist salaries, guest instrumentalists, rental fees for concert venues, piano tuning and
    other miscellaneous operating expenses,  No one is turned away because of lack of money. Scholarships and
    payment arrangements can be arranged for those  who need them.

    Fund Raising

    While every attempt is made to keep costs as low as possible, it is necessary from time to time to raise
    additional funds to ensure that we can meet our expenses. Once a year we host a fall artisans boutique,with
    other events scheduled as need and opportunities arise.


    We perform two public concerts a year:  one in early winter and another in the spring. Other concerts are
    performed by invitation from private groups and organizations.

    Concert Dress

    Choir members are expected to purchase our prescribed uniform of floor length palazzo pants and choir
    blouses along with black hose and black shoes. The outfits can be purchased through the choir.


    Choir practice is held every Tuesday morning from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.at  Westminster Presbyterian Church,
    1709 W. Elizabeth in Fort Collins. Members are expected to attend each week and to arrive on time, ready to
    sing. More than three absences during any singing season may result in being asked not to sing in the next
    scheduled concert.


    All music is provided and is the property of the choir. It does not belong to any individual and cannot be loaned
    to or used by any other group. A 3-hole binder is necessary to hold music for practices and performances.

    Governing Board

    The business of the choir is conducted by an elected board that meets on a monthly basis.
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